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Planning a Santorini Wedding

Planning a Santorini Wedding

Getting married in Santorini is not easy. It takes a lot of preparation, planning, and paperwork. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from doing a Santorini wedding. But you need to know from the start what’s involved. Much of the wedding can be prepared by wedding planners in Santorini (including getting your personal documents translated into Greek) but there is still much to be done so be prepared.

An alternative to an official wedding in Santorini is to have a symbolic ceremony that doesn’t require the legal documentation. The vows, ceremony, location, and wedding reception are all the same but without all the extra hassle. (You would, of course, have to take vows in your home country before or after your trip to make the marriage official.)

And don’t forget: Santorini Hotels should be booked many months in advance. (For a large group I’d aim on booking hotels 9 to 12 months in advance.)

What documents are needed for a wedding in Santorini?

Passports, full birth certificates, certificate of non-impediment to marry from both bride and groom, affidavits stating the bride and groom are free to marry, as well as a few more depending on circumstances. All documents related to the marriage must be translated into Greek, certified in the Greek embassy or consulate in your home country or certain documents must also have an apostille stamp.

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